I Love You Like a Tomato

Friday, December 18, 2009

It's happened two days late, but better late than never. It's chapter and page count time.

For the week -


PAGES - 2,203

For the year -


PAGES - 93,587

Today's book, "ChiChi Maggiordino will do anything to get God's attention. She will hold her breath, stand on tiptoe for an hour, walk a mile backward, climb up stairs on her knees - anything. When her grandmother teaches her how to use the Evil Eye, telling her it's how Jesus Christ made his miracles and how the Italians got rid of Mussolini, ChiChi realizes it's what her prayers have been missing. Now she can get started on the business of making her mother happier by helping her find love and healing her brother's weak lungs."

Shallow thoughts:

  • I picked today's book because of the title was so odd. There I said it, I'm still shallow and easily seduced by a good cover and an interesting title. But, unlike at the beginning of the year (oh who am I kidding, the beginning of the month) I have finally learned my lesson about picking out books based just on that. So I did actually read the description of today's book before picking it for the blog. Although I didn't think through all the way the plan to read a book that's almost 500 pages on a Friday. Fridays always feel like they should be goof off days, time to get done with responsibilities early, and curl up in front of the TV with Grape Faygo and Chocolate Stars to watch TGIF . . . oh wait, I'm not eight-years-old anymore.

  • Today's book was really good, but also kind of odd (which is actually a quality I enjoy in a book, so it works) - it was also bleak but the main character ChiChi (who I wish had a different name because it annoyed me senseless to have to read that name over and over again throughout the book) had a sense of humor so it kept the book from being totally depressing. I would definitely recommend today's book, with the caveat that it's not the kind of book that should be read in one day. I spent most of the day wishing that I could have taken my time with the book. So I will be setting the book aside and reading it a second time once the year is up. I may even get crazy and take an entire week to read it!

  • My favorite sentence came when ChiChi was describing her baby brother, "I've seen prettier sardines." - I love it. No attempts to sugar-coat. No cute little euphemism such as "What a sweet baby" or "look at those cute little hands" - just straight out with it.

  • Most depressing sentence, "And Mama sank into a quiet sadness so dark and bottomless she seemed not to breathe." - As you can see dear readers, today's book gets right to the point. Which is a quality I've always enjoyed both in people and books.