Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I hope you enjoy the picture of today's book dear readers, because it took me almost an hour to post that stupid thing. Do I sound like a nagging mother? I hope you appreciate all of the effort I just went to for you, because it practically killed me. Perhaps Julie of Julie & Julia got 56 comments because she doesn't nag her readers - and yes, I plan to continue to harp on that for at least a few more days - but I will try to restrict the harping from now on to my non-blogging time so I don't drive you all insane.

Today's book, "Fishel's collective memoir provides a worthwhile glimpse into a misunderstood generation of elite and well-educated but disappointed women. Intimately portraying 10 of her cohorts from the prestigious Brearley School (class of '68), she illuminates the struggles and triumphs of what she calls an "in-between generation, neither as traditional nor as radical as the generations that buttress it."

Shallow thoughts:

  • Today's book did not get a very high rating on amazon - but there was a passive-aggressive, mini verbal cat fight going on in the comments section - so I decided that any book worth insulting complete strangers over was a book worth reading. The book was good - not great, but still good - which means that I'm on some sort of strange upward trajectory (a word I've never used before in my life but always wanted to) with the blog this week. Each days book has been better than the last - which doesn't say much since the first book was so bad - but if things keep up like this then by the end of the week I should be reading a book that is amazing.

  • Despite the Brearley School not being a boarding school, I still was unable to get the Facts of Life theme song out of my head today. It just kept playing on an endless loop, until I felt like I was going insane - and the worst part of all was that I couldn't remember the end part of the song, so it was just the beginning part playing over and over again. TV has such a delightful way of making things that aren't fun at all - boarding school, camping, dentist appointments, the first day of school - look so fun and wholesome.

  • And, I'm seduced once again by the word Vermont being thrown into a sentence - in this case the mention of a weekend in Vermont. It sounds fun!!! And I'm sure it is, since nothing bad could ever happen in Vermont. I'm adding this to my list of "Things I Want to Do For Reasons That Don't Even Make Sense to Me," along with 1940s hair and going to Dollywood (please don't ask me to explain that last one because I just can't.) And then the book mentioned Jackie Kennedy and her pillbox hats, which brings me to the next item on my list, I NEED a pillbox hat, it's absolutely imperative to my future happiness - but again, don't ask me to explain why - some things will never make sense.