Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Before I do today's entry, I wanted to put up a picture of the reason why I almost didn't get today's book read. Today I was puppy-sitting for my parents' dog Oliver. And, well, Oliver likes to chew on things. So I spent the day trying to read, in between prying things away from him that he wasn't supposed to be chewing on - the couch, my shoes, the leaves from the plant, my pen, the book I was trying to read, the paper I was using to take notes on. While he was chewing on my paper I attempted to explain to him, "Oliver, no one is going to believe me if I tell them the dog ate my blogging notes." But, he was unmoved by my pleas and continued to chew on them anyway. Oliver also decided today that licking electrical outlets is a really fun way to pass the time - so I was a bit distracted by trying to keep him from electrocuting himself. It's a good thing I picked a short book today or I'd probably still be reading it. Today's entry will be up soon - in the meantime, I hope you enjoy the picture of Oliver.