Brightness Falls From the Air

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Today's book was suggested by my Aunt Brenda. I was thinking that Suggestion Sunday might be more interesting to all of you dear readers who don't know my family if I told you a little bit about each relative whose book suggestion I am reading - although it has been pointed out by more than one relative that the only time I mention them on my blog is when I'm making fun of them. To that I say, I make fun of myself on the blog too, so it all evens out. So here's Aunt Brenda in 50 words or less: When I was a child I was endlessly amused by three things about her; 1. The vehemency with which she used profanity (what little kid wouldn't be amused by that) 2. The way she would let us keep all money that we found lying around in her car (and for reasons beyond my understanding, we found quite a bit). I used to think she left it there on purpose but she swears she didn't, and 3. The way she never used baby talk words around us such as potty (even from the age of four I despised it when people would talk to me like that) instead she would always say, "Let's go find a restroom", which my sister always thought meant a room you get arrested in. Okay, so I don't actually know if that's less than 50 words because I'm too lazy to count and I'm too computer illiterate to figure out how to use the computer word count.

Today's book; "Thousands of years in the future, on the distant planet of Damiem, an extraordinary group of people is assembled for one single night to witness the spectacular passing of the fiery wave-front caused by the nova of the Murdered Star. And in the course of this one night of revelation, lit by the auroral displays caused by the charged particles, the lives of the characters are illuminated as they are brought into deadly conflict. Some will survive and some will kill or be killed on this one night of treachery, heroism, and redemption."

Shallow thoughts:

  • Right off the bat I was distracted because every time I hear the word nova I flash back to childhood visits at my grandparents house that involved being forced to watch Nova against my will with my Grandfather. For those of you who have never experienced Nova personally, it's a PBS series of that features science documentaries that are so boring they make me nostalgic for school filmstrips. I love documentaries and I enjoy PBS quite a bit (I've got to do something to balance out the effect reality TV is having on my brain) - but even I can't watch Nova and remain awake throughout the entire program.

  • Today's book was almost 400 pages, so I had to read it kind of fast to get through it the book in time, and whenever I read a book fast my mind refuses to read the characters names correctly. I have no idea why that happens, or why the names are the only thing that are affected - but when I kept reading about a character named Vovoka, my brain insisted on reading it as Vodka. Does that ever happen to you dear readers?

  • All in all, the book wasn't my scene. I tried to like it - I tried so hard - but I don't think I'm a science fiction kind of person. But at least I tried, and I can now say that there is no genre of books that I haven't yet explored. And I did manage to still enjoy myself somewhat because the futuristic aspect of the book made me think about The Jetsons which resulted in the theme song being stuck in my head for about four hours straight, and I also replayed a few episodes in my head while reading. For those of my dear readers who are not familiar with American cartoons (or for those of you who are that want to relive your childhood) here's a link to the theme song: Ah, that's good TV there.