Here If You Need Me

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I'm now officially on Twitter dear readers so, if you feel like you need more Angie in your life than what you already get from this blog, you're in luck. I've also decided that I'm going to start putting the name of my book for the day up in the morning - so if you want to stay in suspense then you'll have to avoid my page until after my blog entry has gone up each day.

So now you can keep up with my every movement (thrilling, I know). Although not really, because I have no idea how to send a text from my potato phone. Potato phone is my sister's affectionate term for my phone because she insists that it looks like a baked potato, which is so far in the technological dark ages that it belongs in a museum exhibit on the history of communication. The tour guide can show the phone to small children and say This is the kind of phone people used in the olden days. I keep thinking that I should get a new one, but I hate talking on the cell phone, so what's the point really? I'm actually on my third month now of not using it. I think the cell phone company must assume by now that my phone is broken.

Here's the chapter and page count for the week:


PAGES - 1,949

And for the year so far:

CHAPTERS - 3,952

PAGES - 51,520

Today's book, "Ten years ago, Kate Braestrup, her husband, Drew, and their four young children were enjoying a morning like any other. Then Drew, a Maine state trooper, left for work and everything changed. On the very roads that he patrolled each day, an oncoming driver lost control, and Kate lost her husband. Stunned and grieving, Kate decided to pursue what had been her husband's dream and became a minister. And soon she found a most unusual calling: serving a chaplain for search-and-rescue missions in the Maine woods, giving comfort to people whose loved ones are missing - and to the wardens who sometimes have to deal with dreadful outcomes."

Shallow thoughts:

  • Day 4 of having standards and the system has fallen apart. I usually shy away from books that are dark or sad in any way - so today I decided that I should try to push past my aversion and read a darker book anyway. That was a mistake because this book turned out to be both dark and gross. I realize of course that makes me a bit of a hypocrite after yesterday's dead bird story, but today's book was so much more disgusting than yesterday's bird story. For starters there were graphic descriptions of someone being cremated, then there were random points in the story where parts of dead bodies were found - there were just so many details that made me feel like I was going to gag, and I'm not even a particularly squeamish person.

  • Then there were the strange passages like this, "I don't want to live forever. I'm sick of myself already." - I guess humility is nice and all, but that's kind of pushing it. I usually feel guilty for being a little too fond of myself, but after reading those lines I see that there are worse things being fond of oneself.

I would definitely not recommend this book - but it did get good customer reviews on amazon, so that might just be me. If you disagree with my assessment dear readers then feel free to give me a call on the potato phone and tell me all about it.