About a Boy

Saturday, November 7, 2009


Today's book was suggested by Rachel Finley.

Apologies in advance for any incoherency this blog entry may contain dear readers. I'm sick and really tired right now, so brace yourself because there will be rambling.

Today's book, "Will Lightman is a Peter Pan for the 1990s. At 36, the terminally hip North Londoner is unmarried, hyper-concerned with his coolness quotient, and blithely living off his father's novelty-song royalties. Will sees himself as entirely lacking in hidden depths--and he's proud of it! The only trouble is, his friends are succumbing to responsibilities and children, and he's increasingly left out in the cold. How can someone brilliantly equipped for meaningless relationships ensure that he'll continue to meet beautiful Julie Christie-like women and ensure that they'll throw him over before things get too profound? A brief encounter with a single mother sets Will off on his new career, that of "serial nice guy." As far as he's concerned--and remember, concern isn't his strong suit--he's the perfect catch for the young mother on the go."

Shallow thoughts:

  • Before I talk about the book, I think the ugly book cover has to be addressed. There's just no way I can write an incredibly shallow blog entry otherwise. I searched all over the Internet to try to find a better looking version of that book cover, but all I could come up with was that hideous thing. Am I the only one who thinks the cover looks like a pack of cigarettes?

  • Mid-way through reading today's book I realized that this is the third day in a row that I've read a book that was turned into a movie. I promise dear readers, tomorrow I'm going to read a book that has never been made into a movie. But, it's Suggestion Saturday, so it was out of my hands. Oh sure, I could have planned ahead better, but what would be the fun in being that responsible. So now I must address the inevitable "Is the movie or the book better?" question. I spent most of the day debating this, but I never could come up with a solid answer, so I think I'm going to have to call it a draw. I liked them both - which is a boring answer, and I'm being a lazy blogger for refusing to pick a side, but you must be used to my blogging laziness by now so I'm going to ride this train as far as it'll go.

  • I was a bit disappointed that the book didn't contain my favorite scene from the movie, "Seeing his mother that way and taking her to the hospital was horrible, But riding behind the ambulance was fantastic." (That's probably a misquote, but you get the drift.) Of course I've been feeling so incoherent today that it's entirely possible that the book did contain that line, who really knows.

Favorite passage:

"We've always thought you have hidden depths," said John.

"Ah, but you see I haven't. I am this shallow."

And now, if you'll excuse me dear readers, I have allergy-free junk food to eat and bad TV to watch (because what are sick days for if not for junk food and bad TV?)