How to Pick a Peach

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Today's book, "Today we enjoy a bounty of produce greater than ever before: apples in June, tomatoes in December, peaches just about any time we have the hankering - a colorful cornucopia at our fingertips 24/7 year-round in the supermarket. Too frequently only one thing is missing, the most important reason to buy fruits and vegetables in the first place: flavor. Russ Parsons has spent a lifetime in pursuit of top-quality fruits and vegetables. Here he gives you all of the answers. With the fascinating insights and genial wit that have made him a best-selling author, he presents a provocative picture of produce from farm to table."

I was feeling overwhelmed by my to-read stacks today, so I let my sister pick a book from the 250 options available in the Angela Wetzel library. I was a different sort of person I would consider reading a book with recipes in it cheating - and one might assume I would skip over the recipes. But one would be wrong, because I read recipes like they are poetry.

I ended up being kind of bored by the book - but unfortunately I can't blame Alissa for it since I'm the one who had the bad taste to pick the book in the first place. It's so much more fun to be able to blame someone else. But, despite the book being Dullsville, U.S.A., I did learn a few fun facts, which I am going to share with you so that I can save you the trouble of having to wade through the entire book.

Fun facts:

  • Bananas have an uneven number of chromosomes, which is why the rarely have seeds. - Yes, that's right, that was one of the most interesting things that I learned from this book, which should give you some idea of why I found the book a bit boring. It was a long, long reading day of slogging through information that wasn't very interesting, when what I really wanted to do was watch the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving special.

  • According to the author of today's book, Yosemite tangerines have an almost candied, Kool-Aid flavor. - I'm guessing the author has never tasted Kool-Aid the way I make it, because I guarantee no one would ever confuse it with fruit. Of course they'd have to wake up from the diabetic coma the drink put them in before they'd be able to make an effective comparison.

  • An ear of corn loses half of its sweetness within 24 hours of being picked. - Haha, finally an advantage to living in Indiana. I jest, there's more than one advantage - we also have that lovely cheese factory that you can tour. . . and we have more t-shirts with farm animals and beer cans on them per capita than anywhere else in America . . . and of course, who could forget about those horse and buggy rides you can take in Amish country. Okay fine, I admit it, we're boring. Nothing interesting ever happens here. We never do anything fun. We suck.