Confessions of a Counterfeit Farm Girl

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Welcome to day two of my weekend trip to Indianapolis dear readers. Since starting this blogging project, a weekend trip is no longer just a weekend trip - instead it is a weekend challenge. Weekends away used to feel like a nice little break from my everyday routine - but now my everyday routine follows me wherever I go. At home I get up, I post comments, I read, I obsess over the blogging numbers, I post irrelevant stuff on Twitter and act like it's the most dramatic thing that has ever happened to anyone, I read some more, and then I post the blog entry for the day. When away, I do all of those things while also trying to fit in a little fun.

Today we fit in fun by exploring the city to search for the best reading spots. And, because I always like to bring you along dear readers, I have some pictures to share with you:

First, we stopped to enjoy the fall foliage on the way to the farmer's market. And then we played my favorite game - or should I say my least favorite game - "Find the Vegetable That Angie's Not Allergic To." Yes dear readers, I am actually allergic to vegetables. I'm living in a tomato-free, mushroom-free world. Do you feel my pain? Are you amazed that I'm able to soldier on in the midst of such hardship? Do you think I'm the most dramatic blogger ever? All valid questions if you ask me.

Then we headed downtown to The War Memorial. Don't I look patriotic . . . and cold? We had planned to spend a lot more time reading outdoors today, but the weather had no respect for my blogging plans. So instead, we stopped for a short time outside, took a few pictures as complete strangers stared at us and acted like they'd never seen a person having their picture taken with a book in front of their face (when everyone knows that it's a perfectly normal thing to do), and then read a few pages before heading someplace warm.

After braving the cold, we sought refuge in the warmth and majesty of the library. I had never been to the Indianapolis library, and I loved it! I had a Willy Wonka moment, and it was all I could do to keep from breaking out into song If you want to view paradise, simply look around and view it . . .

Spoiler alert: while at the library, my sister picked a book for me to read tomorrow, and she found it in the mystery section. Would anyone like to solve the mystery of what book she picked?

We spent quite a bit of time in the library, exploring the six floors, searching out all of the best reading spots, confusing passersby with our mystery pictures. Perhaps the mystery pictures look casual, and easily achieved, but I can assure you dear readers, that nothing is further from the truth. Most mystery pictures require me to shimmy down into awkward positions as my sister yells out demands such as, "Hold the book up more" "move your head to the left" "what is happening with your bangs, fix that." This mystery picture was taken on the top floor of the library, and I mean that literally. In order to get the Indianapolis skyline into the picture, I ended up lying on the floor, while my sister crouched down in front of me, as people practically stepped over me and a man sat nearby attempting to conduct serious business. If I had any shame this might have been a bit awkward, embarrassing, downright mortifying even - but a good blogger never lets anything get in the way of the money shot.

Today's book, "At her husband's prompting, suburban mom and career woman Susan McCorkindale agreed to give up her job and her friends in the big city and move south with their two sons to a five-hundred-acre beef-cattle farm. Her husband never looked back. Soon after playing "spot the religious billboard" on the drive to rural Virginia, she did. And she has a lot of confessions to make about life on the farm . . . "

Today's book was yet another one that I don't remember buying, and can't figure out why I bought in the first place, so I had some reservations. It seemed like the kind of book that could go either way, light and fun or so mindless that it will wear thin after twenty pages. The story itself was light and fun - but there was one small part that started to wear extremely thin after awhile, the footnotes. That's right, footnotes. I've never seen footnotes in a book if this type, and at first I found the novelty amusing and somewhat interesting, but by the 50th page I started to think, Enough already - it's not cute anymore.

Fun fact for the day: There are treats made for cows - which the author refers to as "the dog biscuits of the bovine world" - called range cubes. The comparison resulted in me spending most of the day imagining range cubes looking like giant Milk Bones. But then my curiosity led to me looking up range cubes . . . which turned out to be a mistake. Just google them for yourselves and see what I mean dear readers. I would describe them to you here, but I'm trying to keep this blog tasteful and pleasant.

Tune in tomorrow dear readers when I reveal the mystery of what mystery book I will read.