Sex and the Single Girl

Friday, October 9, 2009

Today's book, "Timing is everything, and pre-Cosmo girl Brown's hot potato hit in 1962 just as the first shots in that tumultuous decade's sexual revolution were being fired. The coquettish Brown offered young girls who grew up in the sexually stymied 1950s eye-opening advice on snagging men, though not necessarily for marriage. The book, of course, became a best seller and launched its author on the path to fame. No doubt tame and kitschy by today's sexually aggressive standards but still fun."

My sister has decided that I must read today's book since I'm a modern, single woman from the 60s . . . oh wait, well even though it's not the 60s I decided to read today's book anyway. I figured if nothing else it would provide a fun trip down Retro Lane.

Favorite passage:

  • "If your company frowns on intramural dating but there is good material at hand, I would say date anyway. You will undoubtedly be fired, but imagine leaving under such a romantic cloud . . . a woman so attractive to and attracted by the opposite sex, she was willing to collect her unemployment insurance for them!" - Oh yes, how romantic to be unemployed. It's every girls dream. There's nothing more glamorous, elegant or romantic than being unemployed. So now let's all go out and do what we can to lose our jobs, because unemployment if fun!!!!!

Weirdest advice:

  • "Being able to sit very still is sexy." - The book doesn't really explain why being able to sit still is sexy, but I really wish that it would because it would have saved me fifteen minutes of wasted time earlier today trying to figure out what the difference is between a person who can sit very still and a person who moves.

Worst advice:

  • "Going to a bar with a date is different. Respectable as being in church. You may even do a little flirting with the man on the next bar stool while your date goes to check the dinner reservations." - Isn't that classy? Or rather klassy, because there are clearly some situations that are more suited to classy with a "k." Actually that passage wasn't the absolute worst advice that the book had to offer, the worst advice was about how it's a good idea to date married men, but I found those passages more disturbing than entertaining.

Overall, I found the book fun, interesting, and definitely worth reading. I highly recommend it for the entertainment value alone.