Marriage: A Novel

Monday, October 26, 2009

Today's book, "It's Thanksgiving Day and travel writer Annie Wilder's 45th birthday. Her family is gathering for what she's certain will degenerate into a celebration worthy of a "Jewish Eugene O'Neill." Even worse, her husband, sexy TV detective Mickey Wilder, may be having an affair. Sweethearts since the age of six, Annie and Mickey have two grown kids, a big house outside Santa Barbara, Calif., and a marriage considered invulnerable. But in a matter of days, their comfortable, predictable world begins to crumble."

Shallow thoughts:

  • As I'm sure you've already figured out from looking at the picture of today's book, I didn't pick it based on the cover. Is that the ugliest book cover you've seen in awhile dear readers? Danielle Steel novels don't even have that bad of covers. I picked today's book because it had over 400 pages, and I am determined to get to my goal of 100,000 pages by the end of the year and that's going to require me to read at least one book each week that's over 400 pages. But, I quickly discovered today that picking a book for it's length isn't any better of an idea than picking one based on the cover. In short, today's book was bad. Not as bad as yesterday's book, but still bad nevertheless.

  • Today's book contained quite a few pop culture references - which would have annoyed me had I not just read yesterday's book which was basically an endless stream of pop culture references occasionally punctuated with two or three words of actual dialogue - but after that, the bar is considerably lower as to what I consider too much. Plus, the author of today's book threw in a reference to Knots Landing, and that warms my heart almost as much as a reference to Dallas or The Brady Bunch.

  • Today something happened that has never happened to me before with the blog - several of the books I have read this week began to blur together, and I had a very hard time staying focused on what was happening with today's book. I kept thinking, But wait a minute, what happened to that woman who was feeling neglected by her husband. I could have sworn I just read about her. Oh wait, that was yesterday. Up until this point the books had felt like a blur, but I was still able to differentiate between yesterday's book and today's. So now I've formed a new goal, to not get so mixed up about the books that I end up writing about a book on the wrong day (a lofty goal I know.)